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Venum Giant Rash Guard long sleeve Venum Giant Rash Guard long sleeve
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Venum No Gi Rash Guard IBJJF Approved - Long Sleeves - Black/Blue

Hinta:55.00€ (hinta sis. alv 24%)
Valmistaja: Venum
miesten vaatteet:venum

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Venum IBJJF hyväksymä No-Gi rash guard.
Saatavilla koot: S, M, L, XL ja XXL

The Venum No Gi Rash Guard has been designed in full respect with the IBJJF competition requirements in order to bring you the most advanced performance apparel.

Thanks to its dominating deep black color and 10% of BJJ Belt Color the Venum No Gi Rash Guard will your best asset in from the International Grappling Tournament to the Official Jiu Jitsu No Gi Championship.

More than ultra-versatile No Gi Jiu Jitsu Rash Guard that will enable you to compete everywhere with peace of mind, the Venum No Gi Rash Guard delivers an exceptionally light sensation on your skin. Its anatomical and flat seam design combined with the Spandex 4-way micro fabric allows a full range of motion on the mats.

Built with a soft internal layer and benefiting from anti-microbial properties the Venum No Gi Rash Guard offers the valuable comfort in the heat of the competition. Feeling at ease inside you will also feel protected from the outside thanks to the specific rubber band located at the waist that ensure a full range coverage of your body minimizing the risk of skin cuts or abrasions.

Combined with the Venum No Gi Fight Shorts, the Venum No Gi IBJJF approved Uniform will provides you the utmost Venum quality in accordance with International Brazilian Ji Jitsu Federation regulations.

Maybe you do not need Gi but you require quality.

Technical features:

Venum No Gi Series approved by IBJJF: built with major color and complete by at least 10% of the rank (belt) to which the athlete belongs. 100% spandex fabric to fit perfectly on your torso leaving no grip for your opponent. Compression fiber technology: improve blood flow to your working muscles and accelerate your recovery time. Hard-wearing 4-way fabric for an unlimited life span. Sublimated graphics that will not rub off or peel. Flat lock stitching to prevent chafing. Rubber band to maintain your Venum Rash Guard perfectly in place ensuring a full coverage of your body. Anti-microbial properties to keep your Venum Gear always fresh far away from bad odors. 
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