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Venum Brazilian Flag fight short Venum Brazilian Flag fight short
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Venum Lyoto Machida Ryujin fightshort

Hinta:59.90€ (hinta sis. alv 24%)
Tuotenumero: Lyoto Machida "Ryujin" fightshort
Valmistaja: Venum
mma shortsit:mma shortsit, venum
miesten vaatteet:venum, mma shortsit

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Available in sizes:
XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL ja XXL

The design of our Lyoto Machida "Ryujin" fightshorts illustrates the fighting skills of Lyoto:
as the legendary dragons, Lyoto conceals his face to his opponent with mystics waves and dogdes.
Giving to his adversary the impression of being hidden, Lyoto is in fact ready to bite!
Because when you see his face, it is already too late. Presenting an ultra-lightweight fabric, our "Ryujin" fightshorts provides unparalleled lightness and agility.
Add to this our "Flex-System" placed at the crotch and you obtain a full range of moves. Move fast, dodge well, strike rapidly: now your mobility is unrestricted!
Light doesn't mean fragile, this fightshorts is built to last thanks to the strong microfiber and reinforced splits able to resist to most savage fights!

Technical features:
- 100% ultra lightweight microfiber.
- Middle focus closure by Velcro & internal drawcords: better fit without shifting hazard during the movements.
- Zero lateral seams: fitted to your functional anatomy to increase your flexibility and liveness and improve your comfort during the fight.
- Lateral splits reinforced for a longer durability and a hard-wearing even against the most savage grips.
- Pro-engineering "Flex-System"
-with a 4-way stretch fabric
- placed at the crotch extending your range of moves.
- Logos fully sublimated for a better durability.
- Lyoto Machida Limited Edition.
- Made in Brazil.

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