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Venum Undisputed MMA Glove White Venum Undisputed MMA Glove White
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Venum Elite Sparring MMA Gloves - Black/Red/Grey

Hinta:71.00€ (hinta sis. alv 24%)
Tuotenumero: Venum Elite Sparring MMA Gloves - Black/Red/Grey
Valmistaja: Venum

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Saatavilla koot: S-M ja L-XL

The Venum “Elite” MMA gloves have been conceived after years of work and development with some of the best Venum MMA Fighters.
Their shaped design allows full contact sparring session.
Thanks to their 7oz foam padded, the Venum “Elite” MMA gloves ensure the ultimate protection both for the attacker and for the defender, with an improved shock absorption management.
Handmade in Thailand and featuring Premium Skintex leather, the Venum “Elite” MMA gloves are able to withstand the most intensive workouts.
Built to provide the best comfort for optimal fighting performances, the Venum “Elite” MMA gloves benefits from a specific lining that wicks the sweat away.
Their exclusive Velcro straps system for hand pre-positioning, with hook-and-loop closure for a perfect fit and maintain, reducing the risk of wrist twist.

Technical features:
- Premium Skintex leather featuring high density thread for extended lifetime.
- Multi-layered 7oz padding for enhanced protection.
- Ergonomic shaped design for an advanced shock absorption management.
- Exclusive Velcro strap system for a perfect fit on hands.
- Hook-and-loop closure keeps gloves secure during sparring.
- Anatomical notches with ultra absorbent lining fabric for optimal comfort during training.
- Handmade in Thailand.
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