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Venum Contender BJJ Gi blue Venum Contender BJJ Gi blue
69.00€  89.90€
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Venum Challenger 2.0 BJJ Gi - Black

Hinta:99.00€  144.90€ (hinta sis. alv 24%)
Tuotenumero: Venum Challenger 2.0 BJJ Gi - Black
Valmistaja: Venum

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Saatavilla koot: A1, A1.5, A2, A2.5, A3 ja A4

Designed for the all day and everyday Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu challenges. 

The Venum “Challenger 2.0” BJJ Gi uses the best Pearl Weave cotton on the market. 
Developed in collaboration with Leandro Lo in order to offer you the perfect choice for both advanced and beginners BJJ practitioners. 
The 410gsm (gram per sq meter) Pearl Weave jacket is making the suit light whilst resistant. 
The premium cotton used ensures an improved moisture management and provides the perfect comfort during training. 
The pants feature a triangle yoke at the crotch to bring you a full range of motion and strong ground-support. 
All the stress areas – as collar, shoulders, cuffs and knees – have been reinforced allowing you to keep rolling and exceed your targets. 
With its original and simply embroidery Jiu-Jitsu logo the Venum “Challenger 2.0” combines style and performance. 
Highly recommend for the newest BJJ generation. 

Technical features: 
- Jacket fabric: Pear Weave cotton. 
- Lightweight fabric: 410 GSM. 
- Reinforced collar for more resistance. 
- Quick dry, aerated and pre-shrunk cotton for optimized fit. 
- Pants: hard-wearing cotton. 
- Triangle panel located at the crotch for an increase range of motion. 
- Shoulders: Woven patches. 
- Front logo: Embroidery. 
- Back logo: Embroidery 
- Pants logos: Embroideries. 
- Fastening system: Rope lace. 
- Contrasted black stitching.
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