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Bad Boy Legacy Safety MMA Gloves - Black

Hinta:49.00€ (hinta sis. alv 24%)
Tuotenumero: Bad Boy Legacy Safety MMA Gloves - Black
Valmistaja: Bad Boy
suojavarusteet:bad boy

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S-M, L-XL ja XXL

Bad Boy Legacy Safety MMA Gloves

The Legacy Safety MMA Gloves have been developed to allow safe training during intense stand-up and ground work sessions. These are an essential, high-quality addition to any fighter's kit bag.

Made from the softest, most durable composite leather available and features "Air-Flow" mesh which provides temperature control allowing your hands to breath.

Decades of research and development, combined with input from many of the world's greatest MMA athletes, has led to the creation of the Bad Boy Legacy line of equipment.

Train and compete with confidence knowing you're wearing the best!


  • Composite Leather - The softest, most durable composite leather available, which can withstand the most intense training.
  • 5-Layer Multi-Foam - 4 interior layers of assorted foams combined with one outer layer of "Cobra" foam decreases impact points while reducing weight for greater hand speed.
  • Contoured, Breath Wrap - Contoured wrist support system that features mesh neoprene for breathability and Cross-Velcro closure for the ultimate secure fit.
  • Air-Flow Mesh - Dynamic ultra-lightweight neoprene mesh gives breathability and flexibility to bend naturally. Mesh gives "Air-Flow" temperature control.
  • Ergonomic Shape- Interior ergonomic padding creates a closed-fist shape which enhances proper form while reducing hand injuries and eye pokes.


Size      S/M  L/XL XXL 
Circumference of hand
excluding thumb
7.5”-8.5" 8.5”-9.5" 9.5"-10.5" 


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