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Jaco Hybrid Training Short Blue Jaco Hybrid Training Short Blue
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Jaco Brasil Resurgence fight short white

Hinta:59.90€ (hinta sis. alv 24%)
Tuotenumero: Jaco Brasil Resurgence fight short white
Valmistaja: Jaco

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Product Description

Jaco Clothing pays tribute to Brazil’s best fighters with the new Brazilian inspired Resurgence Fight Shorts. Part of the the larger series of country based shorts, this latest addition to the collection includes the Brazilian crest and colors covering the full left leg, along with multiple Jaco Tenacity logo hits on the waist and backside. With the recent signing of Brazilian wrecking machine Wanderlei Silva to the Jaco team, watch out for “The Axe Murderer” to be sporting these flashy performance fight shorts for his match against Michael Bisping at UFC 110

The Brazil Resurgence fighter short dawns the Brazilian Flag on the left leg and provides all the technology that makes the Jaco Resurgence fighter short perform at the highest level of MMA competition.

  • Ultra-durable STR-X™ fabric that stretches effortlessly in all directions and wicks perspiration rapidly. This fabric was specifically developed to provide the technical needs that are essential in MMA: durability, exceptional 4-way stretch, breathability, moisture wicking and comfort.

  • Patent-pending compression waist-tightening system that can be tightened without creating “scrunching or cinching” around the waist while providing a comfortable, no-slip fit. This system provides a compression style fit internally to the garment that allows the external look of the product to remain unchanged.

  • Internal stretch pocket located at the bottom of the shorts’ leg opening so that you don’t have to untie your shorts every time you want to stow your mouthguard. This compression style pocket is designed to hold the mouthguard (or locker key) so that it does not “flop” around while working out.

  • Fly backing panel construction to prevent rubbing and chafing from the fly’s hook and loop material.

  • Raised “Tenacity” Icon Logo on the rear, center of waistband (patent-pending).

90% Polyester
10% Spandex

Machine wash cold
Tumble dry low
Do not bleach
Do not iron

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